Inn History


1892 – present

This 1892 Queen Anne Victorian was designed by W.W. DeLong. The sixteen-room house was built for Wisconsin lumberman Arthur Lindsay, president of the Little Wolf River Lumber Company and Vice President of Lindsay Light & Power. 


The home has changed quite a bit since its early days. The servant quarters were located at the rear of the house, which is currently a bedroom and the upstairs TV room, the rest of the house was closed off and used by the Lindsay family. The “apartment” in the upstairs was arranged by Kneale Lindsay when he & his family moved in — he shut off half of the 2nd floor so the apartment included the previously mentioned servant’s quarters and two bedrooms, the one above the dining room which is the Maple Room today and the Secret Garden Room, directly across the hall. That left 3 remaining bedrooms for family use and one bath.  Previous to that, the TV room used to hold large cisterns where rain water was collected and then pumped to the rest of the house. In fact, Lindsay House was one of the first homes in Manawa to have running water and electricity.


This historic Wisconsin bed and breakfast was first opened as an inn during the late 1980s. Sylvia & Roger Mckellips were the first innkeeper/owners of what was then called Victorian Acres Bed & Breakfast. The next owners were the Gage family from Appleton who called the inn Gage’s Gardens & Gables. The property again changed hands (and names) with the arrival of the Burckhardt family from Omaha, Nebraska. They gave the inn its current name, the Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast. Judy & Tim Trull purchased the inn on December 13, 2004 and continue the tradition of hospitality to this day.