Operation Popcorn September Edition

It has come down to the wire yet again for this month's installment Operation Popcorn.  This month's selection from Hey Popcorn Guy is Flair marshmallow bits.  A great addition to cereal, yogurt, cakes, cookies and my favorite...brownies.  I will admit and stand by the fact that I make brownies using brownie mix.  I have had some really fabulous homemade brownies in my time, have even made a few.  Just let me say I always seem to be in way too big of a hurry and the mix works for me.  We add in chopped candy bars, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, chocolate stars and the list goes on.  Now on the list of add ins are Flair marshmallow bits.  It is important to mix the bits into the dry mix and then add the oil, water and eggs.  Any way you slice them, they are delicious.  Don't underestimate the power of using mixes to make life a bit easier during the busy times.  Stay tuned for next month's installment of Operation Popcorn, we shall see what Hey Popcorn Guy has in his bag of tricks.  copy-of-20160930_210825