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Operation Popcorn September Edition 

It has come down to the wire yet again for this month's installment Operation Popcorn.  This month's selection from Hey Popcorn Guy is Flair marshmallow bits.  A great addition to cereal, yogurt, cakes, cookies and my favorite...brownies.  I will admit and stand by the fact that I make brownies using brownie mix.  I have had […]

Operation Popcorn August 

For the month of August, “Hey Popcorn Guy”…your friend and mine Brian Busby contacted me and asked if it was too late to send over the flavor for this month’s challenge…and I of course said “bring it on”.  As I saw “Hey Popcorn Guy” pulls out of my driveway in his van, I realized the […]

Operation Popcorn July Edition 

Lo & behold, I returned home one day to find another offering from “Hey Popcorn Guy” for the month of July, and it was……Creamy Cucumber!  Now I will be honest and say that I thought to myself, what in heaven’s name am I going to do with this?  I came up with an idea after […]

Operation Popcorn, June Edition 

It is the end of June and I find myself in a bit of a hurry to post the latest recipe using "Hey Popcorn Guy's" choice of popcorn.  This time I must admit I am a bit more excited with the offering, it is Maple Walnut Popcorn.  I thought well what am I going to […]

Operation Popcorn, May be yes, May be no 

So for the month of May it is down to the wire.  The flavor of the month is Chocolate Dipped Banana, and yes Hey Popcorn guys sense of humor just keeps on giving doesn't it?  So with the help of my daughter Morgan, we concocted a plan.  Banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches.  […]

Operation Popcorn, April Fool’s 

  This month Hey Popcorn Guy dropped of the flavor for this month’s challenge and it’s no April fool’s!  Honey Mustard is the flavor this month.  My daughter Morgan came to visit with our new granddaughter Willow for a few days and so we were throwing out ideas as to how to utilize the honey […]

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