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Safer Way to Stay 

As we inch ever closer to summer, it is important to remind ourselves, though things are ever changing, that there is much that remains the same like the beauty and wonder of the world around us calling out to be explored and experienced.  Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast, located in the city of Manawa, is in the heart of […]

Spring is in the air 

I took a photo today of a daffodil blooming in my south flower bed.  It is surrounded by fall leaves and dead grass, yet in the middle of all the brown is this beautiful creamy green and yellow flower whispering to me to look around and see that Spring is well on it's way.  It […]

Operation Popcorn, May be yes, May be no 

So for the month of May it is down to the wire.  The flavor of the month is Chocolate Dipped Banana, and yes Hey Popcorn guys sense of humor just keeps on giving doesn't it?  So with the help of my daughter Morgan, we concocted a plan.  Banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches.  […]

Operation Popcorn Easter 

In preparation for our own version of March Madness, Hey Popcorn Guy messaged me at the end of February and let me know that he would be delivering the next challenge soon.  He did sound in the message a tad bit on the devilish side, however I hoped for the best and was pleasantly surprised.  […]

Operation Popcorn 

Some of you may have seen one of my Breakfast with Judy video’s on You Tube several months ago, when we made Apple Cinnamon Mini Loaves using Crunchy Cinnamon Honey Pretzel Cookies, which is a product that is carried by Manawa’s own Brian Busby also known as “Hey Popcorn Guy”. At that time, Brian aka […]