April 25, 2020

Spring is in the air

I took a photo today of a daffodil blooming in my south flower bed.  It is surrounded by fall leaves and dead grass, yet in the middle of all the brown is this beautiful creamy green and yellow flower whispering to me to look around and see that Spring is well on it’s way.  It is reminding me that my life is similar, that in the middle of some not so pretty circumstances there are beautiful things if I just pause and look around.  The word renewal has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  The hope of Spring is upon us.  As plants begin to break through the soil and seek the sun so we begin to leave our wintry thoughts behind.  As we tick off the tasks on our to do list, cleaning out closets and cleaning up the yard and setting the stage for the fun that is yet to be had.  Cookouts, campfires, time spent with family and friends making memories.  Whether those memories are made close to home or a bit further away, they will be lasting. Challenging the habits of the past and inserting fresh ideas is a refresh for our lives. The days ahead are full of promise. A time for celebration and reflection.  There will also be memories of those we have loved and those we have lost.  Their memory lives on in us and those we love. As the brightness of spring lights up our souls, may hope spring eternal!